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Review of Regional Parks Management Plan

The Auckland Council is reviewing the Regional Parks Management that contains all the visions, policies and rules for the Waitakere Ranges Regional Parkland. Sandra Coney chaired the existing management plan and has prepared this commentary and suggested recommendations for revising the management plan.

Report on big fire at Kakamatua, Waitakere Ranges Regional Park

‹Fire service was notified of a fire at Kakamatua at 3.30pm yesterday (26/12/2014). The Fire began at the base of the hill on the eastern side of of the bay. There was no confirmed cause of the fire at this stage. The fire service report that an estimated that 10-12ha of park land is affected  [ Read More ]

A walk on Ridge Road Track

After exhausting all the tracks west of Anawhata Road, it was time to start exploring the tracks east of the road which go into the interior of the Waitakere Ranges, the water catchment area bounded by Piha Road, Scenic Drive and Te Henga Road. The Ridge Road Track heads inland off the right of Anawhata Road,  [ Read More ]

New Waitakere track offers an easy walk and wheelchair access

Here’s a new opportunity for Piha people who like to vary their Waitakere Ranges parkland walks, a new track linking Arataki to Titirangi and a great stop-off to introduce visitors or all physical abilities to the Waitakeres. Wednesday 25 January quite a crowd gathered at Arataki Visitor Centre for a very auspicious occasion. This was  [ Read More ]

Waitakere Ranges Heritage Area Programme

This Programme was developed by the old Waitakere City Council in its dying days. Despite the fact that the Act has 3 sponsors – WCC, Auckland Regional Council and Rodney District Council- and iwi oblogations, it seems the programme was developed by WCC alone. Neither does there seem to have been any consultation with affected communities  [ Read More ]

Tracks at Piha

Piha local Ross Barnes recently gave a talk to the West Auckland Historical Society on how the tracks of the Waitakere Ranges Regional Parkland got their names. Here’s his notes of the talk from the February edition of the West Auckland Historical Society Newsletter.

Hakari on Henry’s Hill

Fibre artist and Auckland Council Regional Parks Artist in Residence, Maureen Lander, led local school children and adults to a Hakari on Mt Atkinson to acknowledge giftor and benefactor Henry Atkinson who donated the hill with other land in 1914. Historically Atkinson’s statue stood on a plinth on top of the hill, but vandalism led to the statue being  [ Read More ]

The history of Waitakere parkland starts earlier than thought

Read here about new research that shows that the creation of the Waitakere parkland started earlier than thought. Most of us thought the first step was in 1894 when Sir Algernon Thomas, Professor of Biology at Auckland University, took a deputation to the Auckland City Council to ask it to start purchasing land in the Waitakeres  [ Read More ]

Keeping Piha looking natural

Piha Area Design Guidelines have been endorsed by the Piha Ratepayers and Residents Committee and adopted by the Auckland Regional Council. The guidelines will determine how regional parks at Piha are developed. The guidelines cover such things as the materials, colour, location and style of infrastructure (such as tracks, picnic tables, parking areas and toilets)  [ Read More ]

West Coast Plan

The West Coast Plan was developed by the communities of the West Coast to set out their vision for the future of the West Coast, and to set management objectives and actions for the West Coast. The project came out of Waitakere City Council’s District Plan development process, to address issues raised by local communities. The  [ Read More ]

West Coast Plan Liaison Group

The West Coast Plan Liaison Group is a group of community representatives supported by Waitakere City Council to implement and monitor the West Coast Plan.  The group meets bi-monthly and has a yearly work programme including advocacy for West Coast Plan implementation and specific projects. The group is made up of: representatives of residents and  [ Read More ]