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Waitakere Ranges Heritage Area Programme

Posted by SCe Comments Off on Waitakere Ranges Heritage Area Programme

This Programme was developed by the old Waitakere City Council in its dying days.

Despite the fact that the Act has 3 sponsors – WCC, Auckland Regional Council and Rodney District Council- and iwi oblogations, it seemsĀ the programme was developed by WCC alone. Neither does there seem to have been any consultation with affected communities in the Heritage Area.

Water catchment area from Arataki Visitor Centre

Consequently it is unclear what if any status it has within the new amalgamated Auckland Council.

Added to that, many of the staff identified as working on the plan do not have jobs, or have different jobs, within the new Auckland Council.

Here is the Waitakere Ranges Heritage Area Programme WRHAP plan public (2)

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