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Piha is New Zealand's most famous surf beach. Situated on the west coast of the North Island, 40 kms from the city of Auckland, this black iron-sand beach has a reputation for awesome surf which rolls in over the Tasman Sea. When Uncle Toby's Iron Man contest was held at Piha in 1997, canoes were snapped in two and they've never come back. It can be moody, misty and mysterious, wild, wet and wind-swept. The power goes off, the phone lines come down, sometimes the road in (and out) gets blocked. Living here is not for the faint-hearted.

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Things we love about Piha Comments Off

Black sand, burns your feet in summer, dries to a crunchy biscuit crust, piles up in the crutch of your togs, gets everywhere. Surf! Sounds like a war going on out ...

Books Comments Off

Piha is a rich source of stories about people, places and events. You can find out about and order books about Piha and the Waitakeres here ...

Our Green Valley Comments Off

Once milled ferociously for its kauri, rimu and kahikatea. Now the scars are healed and the kauri rikkers poke their conical heads above puriri, mamaku and nikau. Houses nestle among ...