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New Waitakere track offers an easy walk and wheelchair access

Posted by SCe Comments Off on New Waitakere track offers an easy walk and wheelchair access

View to the Manukau from the new Beveridge Track

Here’s a new opportunity for Piha people who like to vary their Waitakere Ranges parkland walks, a new track linking Arataki to Titirangi and a great stop-off to introduce visitors or all physical abilities to the Waitakeres.

Wednesday 25 January quite a crowd gathered at Arataki Visitor Centre for a very auspicious occasion. This was the opening of the Beveridge Track which links Titirangi through Exhibition Drive to the Visitor Centre, and it is named after the 20-year head Waitakere ranger, Bill, his father Joe, who worked in the early years of the development of the Ranges water supply, and Bill’s wife, who passed away soon after Bill in 2010.

Vicki and Clara Beveridge undo the ribbon to open the track

Many family attended to admire the 1.7 km track which all agreed is a great addition to the Ranges Track network.

From Arataki the track follows a ridge which offers spectacular views to Auckland city and on the other side, out to the Manukau. This part is wheelchair accessible enabling people with a physical disability access inbto the Waitakere forest.

The track has a small steep pinch at this point before joining the old benched Exhibition Drive route to Mackies Rest. This joining up enables people from Titirangi to walk all the way up to Arataki, and it is already being well-used. It is family cycling friendly and families with pushchairs can do the walk.

It is also a new joining up for the Hillary Trail so that trail users can get onto it via public transport, and the route now goes via Arataki so trampers can get briefed before embarking on the trail.

Inaugural walkers at the track opening at the picnic table at a lookout point.

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