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Water Quality in Piha Lagoon remains poor

Auckland Council has just released the latest results for water quality¬†at beaches in the Auckland region and the West Coast and the Manukau Harbour beaches have the unwelcome distinction of  [ Read More ]

EPA turns down Trans-Tasman Resources sand-mining application

Today (18 June 2014), the Decision-Making Committee of the Environmental Protection Agency has turned down the application by Trans-Tasman Resources to carry out iron sand mining on the South Taranaki  [ Read More ]

“A Hoe” Coastal Paddle against sea-bed mining

Starting 15 November, surfer Dave Rastavich “Rasta” will paddle on an epic journey from Cape Egmont to Piha arriving here on 1 December. Dave is an internationally acclaimed surfer and  [ Read More ]

Our endangered dophins – Maui’s

While swimming out the back some years ago I was joined by some Maui’s dolphins. An unforgettable experience if a little scary at the time. They say they are small  [ Read More ]

What’s happened to Pakiti?

The pool at Pakiti rock has all but disappeared and today I watched the appearance of a “sand island” out past Pakiti with folk playing hand-ball on it. A boat  [ Read More ]

Piha Whale Watch

Spotted by a visitor to the bach this morning (19 February) about 9.00am (have to confess still in bed myself), a large pod of whales and dolphins in Piha bay  [ Read More ]

Marawhara and Wekatahi Streams – should they bother to separate?

The Auckland Council has postponed planned works on North Piha Beach to separate the Marawhara and Wekatahi Streams. About 5 years ago the Marawhara pushed southwards to join the Wekatahi,  [ Read More ]

Working on improving on-site wastewater

For some years Waitakere City Council has been working with local communities to improve the quality of their waterways by upgrading and finding new technologies for on-site wastewater systems. Piha  [ Read More ]