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Guide to Native Plant Index

This guide to the plants of Piha and environs is organised alphabetically according to the Maori name. If the Maori name is not know, the botanical name is used. Overall,  [ Read More ]

Native Plants A-D

Aka/akakura or scarlet rata vine Metrosideros fulgens family Myrtaceae This flamboyant member of the pohutukawa family provides a wonderful show in late summer. A climber, it appears as flashes of  [ Read More ]

Native Plants E-I

Hangehange Geniostoma ligustrifolium family Loganiaceae This unimpressive little shrub serves a very useful purpose in forest, especially sealing the margins of bush when adjoining clear areas and roadsides. It is  [ Read More ]

Native Plants J-N

Kahakaha or tank or perching lily Collospermum hastatum family Liliaceae A common epiphyte throughout lowland forest in the North Island and in the north of the South Island, it is  [ Read More ]

Native Plants O-T

Parataniwha Elatostema rugosa family Urticaceae Parataniwha is a handsome ground-cover plant with long oval ruby or purple-coloured leaves with prominent veins and a wrinkled surface. It likes shadey, damp areas  [ Read More ]

Native Plants U-Z

Ureure Glasswort Sarcocornia quinqueflora family Amaranthaceae You’ll find this low-growing succulent close to the shore, growing on rocks. In other locations it grows on shell banks and in salt marshes.  [ Read More ]