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Progress on bush regeneration project at Piha

Hot day today, but went and inspected how our bush regeneration is getting on. People at Piha 20 years ago will recall the fires in 1994 and 1996 that ripped  [ Read More ]

Tasman Lookout fire quickly put out

Relaxing in the RSA on Friday 11 November when the fire siren went off. A few minutes later the Piha fire truck went racing down Beach Valley Road which usually  [ Read More ]

The Pearce bush regeneration project – background

Bush regeneration project after fire Since 1994 a major bush regeneration project has been occurring on my family property, the Pearce property. A disastrous fire in February 1994 destroyed seven  [ Read More ]

Gear I wear to work on our bush project

Thought I’d share my weird gear for tackling the gorse on our bush project. Here I am on 4 December 2010 heading off in ridiculous heat to have a go  [ Read More ]