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Piha and “the Norfolk Island effect”

During WW2, Radar operators at the RNZAF Mt Bates Station on Norfolk Island noticed strange bursts of “radio noise” at sunset and sunrise. Les Hepburn, in charge of the station,  [ Read More ]

Piha Radar Station

The Piha Radar Station was Unit Number 4 of the COL (Chain Overseas Low-Flying) network of coastal radar stations established around New Zealand and the Pacific during WW2. The Piha  [ Read More ]

Campground cookhouse came from Radar Station

By the early 1960s the Piha Radar Station was not longer needed for any military purpose and the Airforce authorities and Whenuapai began looking for alternative homes for the buildings  [ Read More ]

New discoveries made at old Radar Station

Dr Miller Goss’s latest visit on the trail of radio astronomers Bolton and Stanley led to another site visit to try and trace the remains of some of the Radar  [ Read More ]