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Proposed marathon on Hillary Trail

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Auckland Council Regional and Specialist Parks recently met with ratepayer and stakeholder groups along the Hillary Trail to outline and seek their feedback on a proposal from Lactic Turkey Ltd to run a marathon with 500 participants along the Hillary Trail, with 132 starting from Arataki and the balance starting at points along the trail, principally Piha.

Lactic Turkey proposes that a trust be established which would “own” the event, and that any profits from the event go to supporting youth to be involved in¬†outdoor and environmental activities associated with the trail.

The process to decide on whether the event goes ahead is that it would be taken to the Parks, Recreation and Heritage Forum of the Council, for a decision on whether the application is notified. In the meantime the Council would like to hear submissions on the event, and reasons for views held, and, if they support it, any conditions they would like to see in place.

Below are presentations given by Regional and Specialist Parks – including the issue of kauri dieback – and by Lactic Turkey.

Annette Campion is the point of contact for for further information and to make submissions which should be made by 20 July. Contact here at annette.campion@aucklandcouncil.govt.nz

Hillary Trail event – council presentation

The Hillary presentation from applicant


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