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Waste minimisation at Piha

Posted by SCe Comments Off on Waste minimisation at Piha

For the last few months, the Auckland Council has been consulting on a plan for reducing waste through the Auckland region. Many submissions were received and a committee heard these and has recently made recommendations to the Council on the way ahead. The goal is still to reduce waste that goes to landfill, but the committee has heard arguments from the outer and rural areas such as Piha, made by the Piha R&R, and is recommending a much more flexible regime than at first proposed.

The goal is still to reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfill, but communities in rural areas raised issues about:

  • The impact of a large number of bins on amenity and scenic values
  • The difficulties for some residents in getting bins to the roadside
  • That people in rural areas tend to compost so may not need bins for organic waste
  • Deterants to prevent people dumping waste in parkland and rural areas.

The hearings committee has heard these issue and is recommending a much more flexible system. They also say that the net rates cost of the system should not be more that 2014/15 and that there will be no major changes until 2015 to enable issues to be worked through. Local Boards would have a major role in working through issues with their local communities to enable systems that are tailored to local needs.

  • In rural/holiday areas there would be a “disposer-pays” system for household refuse with a choice of  bags and bin size, from 60 litre to 240 litre, with a charge of approx $2.50 to empty an 80 litre bin.
  • Rubbish collection would be fortnightly
  • The Council would work on narrow roads and properties with no road frontage, long driveways or scenic values to work out tailored solutions for these property owners, possibly “drop-off” areas
  • There would be no automatic kerbside organic collection in rural areas, but the Council would work with Local Boards and local communities on ways to divert organics from landfill by alternative methods.
  • The inorganic booking system and collection in the West be retained but this may be rates-funded.

The recommendations are going to the Council for adoption on Friday 6 June.

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