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Upgrading of sports field at Piha

Posted by SCe Comments Off on Upgrading of sports field at Piha

Local and Sports Park West has notified us of works happening in our area.

The upgrade of the field at Piha Domain is programmed to be undertaken this financial year. The upgrade of the field was discussed at the Piha Information Day in October 2011 and Parks received two comments, both of which were in support of the project. Soil material from Parrs Park field renovations will be taken to Piha Domain in the week commencing 19 December 2011. This material will be stockpiled behind the community library (see below map) until March/April 2012 when the material will be used to level the field. I am assured this soil will be used only to fill indentations in the field and produce a level surface.

Next week, prior to stockpiling works commencing Parks will also be contacting the following stakeholders for their information only: Piha Residents & Ratepayers Association Piha Community Library Piha Domain Campground Piha Kids Charitable Trust Interested stakeholders from the Piha Information Day.


Map: Location of stockpiled material (red) and extent of field to be upgraded (green).

 If you have any comments in regards to this work please contact Tracey Hodder by 12 December 2011. Parks Advisor – Development Local and Sports Parks West Ph 09 301 0101 | Extn (42) 8969 | Mobile 021 340 599 |

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