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Trees for schedule

Posted by SCe Comments Off on Trees for schedule

The Government’s removal of the ability of local government bodies to set general tree protection rules led to a request by Waitakere City Council for nominations for trees for protection. Although the Government’s policy did not apply to trees in rural areas, local group Protect Piha Heritage took advantage of the situation to put forward a number of trees at Piha for inclusion in the WCC District Plan’s Schedules for protection.

Piha has beautiful forest on public and private land, but the settlement is distinguished by the many glorious pohutukawa.

In response to the Government’s new policy,WCC and the Auckland Regional Council took legal action to challenge it and ask for clarification in the Court. The result of this action is not yet known.

In the meantime, here is PPH’s submission on trees for protection at Piha. trees for schedule with images

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