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Seal pup saved …or was he?

Posted by SCe Comments Off on Seal pup saved …or was he?

After a local found an exhausted and maybe sick seal pup on North Piha, DOC was called. They declared it not a good idea to take the pup away, so relocated it to the northern end of North Piha which is “dog free” to enable the pup to recover in peace and leave the beach. See full article here.


Unfortunately for that strategy, no one, including locals, observes the ban on dogs at the northern end of the beach, so it’s doubtful that strategy would have protected the pup.

In the Regional Parks Management Plan dogs are banned at the northern end of the North Piha and the southern end of Piha (including The Gap) because of the presence of penguins and other vulnerable birds.

This is not well-sign-posted and the only mention at North Piha is on the bottom right of the noticeboard. You need your glasses on to read it and there is no dogs banned sign on the large green sign containing other information.

Recently after a stormy day, I went for a walk up there and noticed, as usual, numerous people with dogs, off leash. On going back to the carpark I heard some very excited barking coming from the beach. Eventually two women came up with a panting black lab, and I caught the following conversation:

Woman 1: “I thought that penguin was dead and then I saw it moving.”

Woman 2: “Well, if it wasn’t already dead, it will have died of fright.”


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