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Roadside bush clearance causes concern

Posted by SCe Comments Off on Roadside bush clearance causes concern

log race roadRecent work on the sides of Log Race Road went beyond what was planned and has resulted in clearance of the sides of the road that is about three times wider than what was planned. TheĀ  clearance occured because of miscommunication between regional parks andĀ  the contractor. Similar work also occured at Mill Bay and Pine Avenue at Cornwallis.

There are now concerns about weed growth in the cleared areas and also fire risk with dead and dying vegetation at a time when serious precautions are being urged to prevent fires.

Regional parks are planning tidy up work and also replanting with low growing species.

New view from Log Race Road

New view from Log Race Road

On the plus side, spectacular views have now been revealed down the southern coast to the Manukau Harbour entrance from along Log Race Road.



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