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Recommended Protected Natural Areas at Piha

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Taitomo Island has a limited range of plant species – the pohutukawa was planted

Piha contains several areas that were recommended for protection by the Auckland Regional Council in its Natural Areas Programme.

  • Taitomo Island ( Camel Rock) was classified as containing the ‘best and only’ coastal shrub land on exposed rocky coast. The rock is home to native toetoe and houpara as well as flax, leptocarpus sedge, cassinia, mingimingi and occasional herbs and ferns. Flaxfields and herbfields occur on more exposed slopes.
  • Land opposite Taitomo Island was classified as ‘best and only’ coastal herbfield. This small herbfield consists of several low turf-forming herb species including selliera radicans, shore pimpernel (salolus repens), native iceplant and glasswort.
  • Exposed rocky coast on the lower cliffs at White’s Beach classified ‘best in district’ for flaxlands.
  • Cliffs above Mercer Bay were classified ‘best in district’ for a kanuka stand with only kanuka in the canopy.

For more on protected areas on the West Coast see Waitakere Ecological District: Survey report for the protected natural areas programme.

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