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Rabbit bait stations at North Piha

Posted by SCe Comments Off on Rabbit bait stations at North Piha

Local and Sports Parks West is warning people that it has four bait stations for rabbits in Les Waygood Park, along the seaward edge of the karo forest (see map below).

All the stations are fenced with stock-proof fence which would deter humans and large animals, though small animals could get in. The Pindone bait is contained in a drum that allows a rabbit to enter and exit. There is signage on the bait stations warning people not to go in. It is unlikely that dogs could enter the drum. This type of bait station is used in other parts of the Auckland region.

After a complaint from a member of the public, new signage has also been installed in key public entry points to the park. The design of the bait station is also being reviewed to make sure that children cannot get in.

piha rabbit map

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