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Plan Change 36 made operative

Posted by SCe Comments Off on Plan Change 36 made operative

The controversial Plan Change 36 was made operative by Auckland Council’s Regional Development and Operations Committee on 20 June 2013.

The plan change was introduced by the former Waitakere City Council with the object of improving the economic wellbeing of people living in the Waitajere Ranges Heritage Area by allowing more latitude in establishing commercial activities in rural areas.

There was suspicion about the plan change from the very people who had fought for the heritage area, and fears that incrementally the character of the ranges would be changed by allowing more signage, more traffic movements on and off commercial sites, more parking  and more retail and commercial activity. While the establishment  of rural business activities such as farmers’ markets, horticulture and activities associated with vineyards in the foothills was generally supported, concerns centred around the impact of commercial activities of the more natural areas of the West Coast, regional parkland and Manukau Harbour edge.

The Plan Change was appealed by the Auckland Regional Council but with amalgamation into the Auckland Council, the ARC’s position was dropped and the WCC’s position adopted. Waitakere Ranges Protection Society became the main opposer, joined by a number of 274 parties.

After many months of mediation an agreement was reached between the Council and the appellants, allowing the Plan Change to be made operative.

Posted 28/6/13

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