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Piha’s surf break

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ISA World Junior Surfing Piha January 2010

Piha’s world famous surf break didn’t make it into the New Zealand Coastal Policy Statement 2010 Surf Breaks of National Significance despite representations from a number of submitters including Protect Piha Heritage Society. This is the first time that surf breaks have been included in the national coastal policy and 17 surf  breaks  are included so a big victory for the Surf Break Protection Society.

The policy means that these surf breaks are to be protected from activities in the coastal environment that might adversely affect them and from activities that would impact on access and enjoyment of surf breaks.

PPH argued that Piha’s surf breaks were of national significance not just for their intrinsic value but because of their accessibility and proximity to the largest metropolitan area in NZ and the international airport, meaning that the beaches were ideally placed to host competitions.

Piha is included as a regional surf break to be protected in the draft Auckland Regional Policy Statement, the first time the RPS has included surf breaks.

Read Protect Piha Heritage’s submission to the Board of Inquiry on the Proposed NZCPS 2008

Proposed Coastal Policy web site

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