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Piha’s heart – the village

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Piha has a little village centre, consisting of the Piha Store, established in 1941, the Piha Post Office, Library, Domain campground and cafe. This is where locals, meet and linger. Brad delivers the newspaper to the Piha Store at 10 am (we hope), so that’s the time to arrive for a takeaway espresso, clear the mailbox, pick up a new library book and have a yarn to whoever you meet. That trip sometimes take hours while folks back home impatiently wait for their morning caffeine fix and the news. Usually the first question is “What’s the gossip.”

The PO, Library and campground are located on the Piha Domain, which was created when Piha was subdivided in the 1930s, but even before then it was a campground and picnic area.

Also are on the Domain are the Bowling Club, Tennis Club, playground and facilities for campers, such as the cookhouse.

The village is also where visitors to Piha often stop off first, to use the toilet after the long car-ride, and grab a drink or icecream.

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