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Piha winners in Sustainability Business Awards

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Pippa Coom, Chris Morrison and Judith Holtebrink

Piha did well in the recent Sustainability Business Network Awards. Local bach owner Chris Morrison, gained the Sustainability Champion Award as a true pioneer, advocating¬†over a long period for sustainable business practices, and showing resilience and courage. Chris was the founder of Phoenix bottled drinks. With him in the photo is (left) Pippa Coom, the 2011 winner, and right, Judith Holtebrink, the runner up in this year’s award. Judith is a leader in the Mt Eden Village People project, an inspiring urban project to bring sustainable practices and waste minimisation¬†into the lives of Mt Eden people, both residents and the local business community. Coffee grounds from local cafes go onto residents’ gardens and there’s battery recycling through local shops. And here’s another Piha link, as Judith’s family has been bach owners in Rayner Road for decades.

Congratulations to Chris and Judith.

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