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Piha voices on Surfbreak Protection Society

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Matt Skellern, Paul Shanks, John Shaw and Monique Olivier at New Plymouth.

Monique Olivier, secretary of Piha R&R and long-time supporter of Piha Board Riders, has been re-elected as secretary of the New Zealand Surf break Protection Societyat the recent society AGM in New Plymouth. Also elected to the committee is David Storck of Piha.

The society campaigns for protection of surfbreaks and has been successful in gaining recognition of 26 nationally significant surf breaks within the New Zealand Coastal Policy Statement.  While Piha is not one of those currently within the NZCPS, it is intended that Piha’s surf breaks be protected through Auckland’s Regional Policy Statement and its replacement Unitary Plan.

In Taranaki, the society is talking to the Taranaki Regional Council and South Taranaki District Council over the concept of a surfing reserve along the entire Taranaki coast to give greater protection to the natural values of the coast and the surf breaks within it.

For more about Surf Break Protection Society go to www.surfbreak.org.nz


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