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Piha Gymnastics – blast from the past

Posted by SCe Comments Off on Piha Gymnastics – blast from the past

These bright-eyed young things are the Piha Gymnastics Club circa 1983 in their specially designed tee-shirts, white with blue or red bands and the words Piha Gymnastics printed in reverse.

The grown-ups at the back are Bev Cormack, Peter Joyce, Russell Scott and Anadi Welsh, and on the front right, Marilyn Smith.

The children – from Piha and Karekare – attended weekly for a number of years and some went into the city to get their badges. Bev Cormack remembers starting the group by getting some old equipment from the Education Department and having it repaired. They had floor mats and basic gymnasium equipment for children under 14 and met at Barnett Hall.


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