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Piha (Dog) Rescue

Posted by SCe Comments Off on Piha (Dog) Rescue

A big turn-out for today’s Library event at Piha SLSC. But meanwhile a more poignant scenario was unfolding downstairs.

A concerned member of the public turned up with a small, wet, shivering, brown and tan dog found on Pakiti Rock. What was it doing there? Where was the owner?

Luckily, off duty in the club was surf rescue Supremo Papa G. Said dog was wrapped in a warm blanket (Mink brand I am told), given a good rubdown, and served some warm milk. The secret weapon was not mouth to mouth, but a dram of rum in that warm milk. The dog visibly responded to such TLC.

Then the dog’s owner turned up at the club, the wee pooch was delivered back warm, and in happy form.

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