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Piha does well in Hyundai National Surfing Champs

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First Champions Crowned at
National Surfing Championships

Nine national champions were crowned on day five of seven at the 2013 Hyundai National Surfing Championships being held at Piha. The pending 3.0m swell set to pound Auckland’s West Coast Beach from Friday afternoon onward forced event organisers to bring forward the finals of several divisions.

Competitors contested some of the smallest conditions of the week today with 1.0m – 1.5m waves on offer. The westerly wind remained for the fifth consecutive day and strengthened as the day went on making conditions difficult to contest in the afternoon.

With the smaller swell and forecast increase on Friday, the premier Open Men’s and Women’s Divisions were held off for a further day. The Open Men’s Division has not competed since day one of the event while the Women have waited four days to get back in the water. Both divisions will be contested tomorrow with the likes of defending champions Billy Stairmand (Rag) and Thandi Durham – Tipene (Tara)
set to compete.

Out of the nine titles contested today, seven went to first time champions. Dayna Story, Gis (Under 16 Girls), Kehu Butler, Mnt (Under 14 Boys), Phil Wallis, Piha (Over 50 Men’s), Bruce Collier, Tara (Over 55 Men’s), Clive Barron, Piha (Over 60 Men’s), Sam Poulter, Rag (Junior Longboard) and Mischa Davis, Piha (Women’s Longboard).

Gisborne surfer Dayna Story stole a come-from-behind victory in the Under 16 Girls Division. On her last wave of the final, Story belted a big turn on the outside section of her wave which was enough to push her into first place stealing the win from fellow Gisborne surfer Abby Falwasser – Logan who finished runner up. Story finished with a 12.2 point heat total compared with Falwasser – Logans 9.17. Local Piha surfer Claudia Fraser finished third ahead of Kea Smith (Mnt) in fourth.

The youngest age group of the event, the Under 14 Boys Division was dominated by Mount Maunganui surfer Kehu Butler who ran away with the final posting 17.8 points out of a possible 20 – the highest heat score of the event to date. Midway through the final, Butler scored an 8.17 point ride before getting half way out the back, turning, and riding another excellent ride that scored 9.63. His score line left his competitors
requiring a combination of scores to catch up and that never looked likely. Tane Bowden (WGM) placed second in the final scoring 11.0 while Daniel Farr (Tara) placed third and Christchurch surfer Sam Sands finished fourth.

Piha surfer Phil Wallis claimed the first of the senior age group division finals winning the Over 50 Men’s Division over Phil Griffin (Mnt). Wallis led the final for much of the 25 minutes finishing with a 10.8 point heat total to claim his first national title. Phil Griffin placed second in the final ahead of defending champion Garry Pike (Piha) in third and Glen Shuker (Chch) in fourth.

Bruce Collier (Tara) claimed a national title in the Over 55 Men’s Division. Collier looked sharp in the soft, reforming conditions during the full tide. Collier posted an 11.7 point heat total making a comeback to the competitive scene. Collier defeated the oldest surfer in the event, 67-year-old Ben Hutchings (Gis) who came close to winning the final on a long righthander that he rode in the last five minutes of the heat. Hutchings’ score was not quite enough, finishing up on 9.43 points ahead of David Storck (Piha) in third and Gary Quinn (Gis) in fourth.

The most senior division at the event, the Over 60 Men’s Division was claimed by local Piha surfer Clive Barron. Barron navigated his way through the high tide conditions claiming the best waves of the final for a crowd pleasing win. Barron defeated Paul Hogan (Auck), Hamish Divett (Piha) and Ross Moody (Gis) in the final, the three surfers finishing second through fourth respectively.

The two longboard titles went to Mischa Davis (Piha) and Sam Poulter. Davis has now won back-to-back events on the Hyundai Tour after winning the first event at Raglan less than two weeks ago. Davis defeated Alexis Poulter (Rag) who placed second ahead of Anna Jolly (Piha) and Nam Northcott (Tara). Sam Poulter won out over Jordan Griffin (Mnt), Elliot Paerata – Reid (Piha) and Sam Sands (Chch).

The final two divisions contested were the Senior Women’s and Women’s Bodyboard. Anna Jolly feared better in the Senior Women’s Division than the longboard winning the final to defend her title. In the Women’s Bodyboard, it was Alexis Poulter who went one better than her runner up placing in the longboard to win the final.

The surf is expected to increase significantly for the penultimate day of the event with 3.0m swells forecast along with a decrease in wind strength. Competition will commence at 8:00am on Friday 18th January.

See below for results from day five of the Hyundai National Surfing Championships held at Piha Beach, Auckland today
(Thursday 17th January).

Under 18 Girls Semifinals

Ella Williams
(Whmata), 10.5, 1, Jasmine Smith (Gis), 5.3, 2, Abby Falwasser-Logan, 3.1,

Martin-Fitzharris (Gis), 6.8, 1, Bianca Sansom (Muri), 5.7, 2, Gabriella Sansom
(Muri), 2.23, 3

Under 16 Boys Semifinals

Korbin Hutchings
(Gis), 14.9, 1, Harrison Whiteside (ChCh), 8.3, 2, Riccardo Lucibella (Tara),
5.13, 3, Manu Scott-Arrieta (Sandy Bay), 4.27, 4
Heat 2
Taylor Hutchison (Rag), 7.53, 1, Kehu
Butler (Arataki), 5.57, 2, Tane Bowden (Whmata), 5.43, 3, Isaac Kettle (Tara),
2.83, 4

Under 16 Girls
Dayna Story
(Gis), 12.2, 1, Abby Falwasser – Logan (Gis), 9.17, 2, Claudia Fraser (Auck),
7.63, 3, Kea Smith (Mnt), 7.47, 4

Under 14 Boys
Kehu Butler
(Arataki), 17.8, 1, Tane Bowden (Whmata), 11, 2, Daniel Farr (Tara), 8.93, 3,
Samuel Sands, 8.9, 4

Men’s Longboard Semifinals

Daniel Proctor
(Gis), 12.8, 1, Tane Wallis (Piha), 9.37, 2, Ben Poulter (Rag), 8.87, 3, Michael
Fitzharris (Gis), 8.23, 4
Heat 2
Matt Cockayne (Mngwhai), 10.4, 1, Ant
Mccoll (Mnt), 9.43, 2, Phil Morris (Auck), 8.37, 3, Glen Johnson (Auck), 7.9,

Longboard Final
Mischa Davis (Oratia), 10.3, 1, Alexis
Poulter (Rag), 9.5, 2, Anna Jolly (Piha), 5.13, 3, Nam Northcott (Tara), 2.27,

Under 18
Longboard Final
Sam Poulter (Rag), 10.6, 1, Jordan
Griffin (Mnt), 10.6, 2, Elliot Paerata-Ried (Piha), 6.63, 3, Samuel Sands
(ChCh), 2.97, 4

Stand Up Paddleboard
Heat 1

Shayne Baxter (ChCh), 9, 1, Karlos
Aarsen (Whmata), 6.03, 2, Mike Cann (Auck), 5.07, 3, Derek Tingey (Tau),

Daniel Kereopa
(Rag), 13.5, 1, Armie Armstrong (Rag), 5.9, 2, Daren Jones (Auck), 4.93, 3,
Annabel Anderson (Auck), 2.5, 4

Over 50 Men’s
Phil Wallis
(Piha), 10.8, 1, Phill Griffin (Mnt), 9.27, 2, Garry Pike (Piha), 8, 3, Glenn
Shuker (ChCh), 7.9, 4

Over 45 Men’s Semifinals

Rick Lasch
(Piha), 12.5, 1, Michael Fitzharris (Gis), 11, 2, Phil Wallis (Piha), 7.47,

Andrew Mann
(Auck), 7.73, 1, Tui Eves (Piha), 5.63, 2, David Mann (Auck), 4.97,

Over 55
Men’s Division Semifinals
Heat 1

Gary Quinn (Gis), 2.00, 1, Ben
Hutchings (Gis), 1.00, 2, John Gisby (Gis), N/S
Heat 2
Bruce Collier (Tara), 5.90, 1, David
Storck (Auck), 5.10, 2, Michael Trainer (Auck), 4.40, 3

Over 55 Men’s
Collier (Tara), 11.7, 1, Ben Hutchings (Gis), 9.43, 2, David Storck (Auck),
8.37, 3, Gary Quinn (Gis), 4.4, 4

Over 60 Men’s
Clive Barron
(Piha), 6.17, 1, Paul Hogan (Auck), 5.67, 2, Hamish Divett (Piha), 4.53, 3, Ross
Moody (Gis), 1.07, 4

Over 30 Women’s Division
Anna Jolly
(Piha), 8.83, 1, Belinda Goodwin (Rag), 4.97, 2, Jess Nicolson (Auck), 4.3, 3,
Carolyn Millar (Piha), 2.53, 4

Women’s Bodyboard
Poulter (Rag), 8.03, 1, Seagh Von Keisenberg (Piha), 5.17, 2, Margaruite Vujich
(HBay), 3.67, 3

A complete list of all National
Champions are located on the Surfing New Zealand website under History.


further information on the 2013 Hyundai National Championships please contact
Surfing New Zealand’s Ben Kennings on 021 2278732 or email benkennings@surfingnz.co.nz.

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