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Pest plants F-L

Posted by SCe Comments Off on Pest plants F-L

Japanese honeysuckle

lonicera japonica

This prolific climber is really taking off around Piha. It grows on forest margins and disturbed areas and is hard to kill off. It can climb to about 15 metres and smothers its host and all around it. The flowers which appear September-May are superficially attractive being white, cream or yellow. Birds spread the seeds, but also any cutting that hit the ground will resprout.

You can cut it out and dispose of the plant not by mulching but by taking it to the community weed bin. Or you can cut the plant down to the base and paint the stump with vigilant gel. If very large you can cut off at head height then spray everything below with Metsulfuron and penetrant.

Always dispose of cuttings carefully.

Japanese honeysuckle is in both the Regional Pest Management Stragey and National Pest Plant Accord.

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