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Party vote results from Piha booth

Posted by SCe Comments Off on Party vote results from Piha booth

Elections results for the party vote at Piha have been released. In the 1914 the Greens made the most votes at Barnett Hall, 192 of the 464 total votes cast. This year the Greens were third, behind Labour and National. At 331, total votes were also down, probably a result of early voting depleting the number of votes cast on the day.  This year Labour took 38.4% of the vote up from 15.9%, while National took 28.7% of the vote, down slightly from 29.3%. The results were

Party              2014             2017

Labour              74                127

National           136                95

Greens              192                72

NZ First               30               11

Maori                    6                  5

ACT                        1                   1

TOP                        0                  16

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