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Origins of dumped sand?

Posted by SCe Comments Off on Origins of dumped sand?

Sand dumped at south end of Piha

Seven truckloads of sand were dumped on the roadsideĀ at the far southern end of Piha beach, and Auckland Council would like to know who did it. Meanwhile another two loads were dumped in the apex of Beach Valley Road and Marine Parade South. This was observed to contain rubble and plastic bags.

Auckland Council says it will cost $7000 to truck the sand out of Piha to Brighams Creek for dumping. It is looking for information as to who did it, so it can seek reimbursement from those responsible.

Contact Maurice Whitham, Road Corridor Maintenance, his email address


UPDATE – Since this post, officers of Auckland Council have reported they have located the origina of the sand and are working with the property owners from where it came to remove it.

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