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New sewerage system under construction

Posted by SCe Comments Off on New sewerage system under construction

Drip irrigation field in the dunes

All that black plastic tubing and green tanks in the Domain are signs of the new sewerage system under construction.

The system replaces the old (though really not so old, but never adequately functioning) Domain and campground system. Now, it incorporates the sewerage from the Piha Bowling Club and the RSA. It is hoped that this will solve problems of pollution in the Piha Lagoon so that those “Do not swim here” signs are a thing of the past.

The new final stage effluent disposal feld is in the same location as the old one – on the Trees for Babies site on the west side of the Piha Stream. But it is very much larger, and takes up most of the open space on the northern side of the boardwalk as well as a large area on the south. It also comes closer to the Piha Lagoon.

Black plastic dripper lines beside the Lagoon

The system is promised to be “state of the art” and the conditions require the Auckland Cluncil to contol weeds including kikuyu and replant in dune species.

A few questions:

  • A failure on the night of 10 December produced terrible odour. If the final stage discharge is treated to the promised standard, should it smell?
  • Will the large obtrusive treatment pods beside Marine Parade North near the library be disguised in some way?
  • Will the dripper lines all be adequately buried and out of sight?


Treatment pods beside the Library

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