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More about radio stars

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Ruth Alexander

Have recently come across two detailed papers by New Zealander (based in Australia) Wayne Orchiston about people involved in the work on radio stars in New Zealand.

Ruth Alexander

In 1945 an Air Force radar unit stationed in Norfolk Island detected solar radio emissions, dubbed “the Norfolk Island effect”. This radation was investigated through 1945 by British-born Ruth Alexander who was stationed in New Zealand.She published a number of papers and thus became the first woman in the world to work in the field of radio astronomy. Her work led to further radio astronomy projects in New Zealand and was in part responsible for the launch of the radio atsronomy programme in Sydney. Alexander

Gordon Stanley

Gordon Stanley

The other paper is a biography of Gordon Stanley, the New Zealadn- born radio astronomer who with John Bolton did the work at  Pakiri and then Piha that pinpointed the position of radio stars in the heavens.  


These papers have been made available with Mr Orchiston’s permission.

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