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Lucky fisherman pulled out of tide

Posted by SCe Comments Off on Lucky fisherman pulled out of tide

It was really too big to be out rock-fishing but some were not deterred. The result? About 10 am Monday 21/3 Duncan Clark and the team had to rush an IRB out to Camel Rock to rescue one of them. 

What had happened was that as the tide rose, two fishermen started back to the beach, planning to climb back through the Keyhole. One got washed off the rocks into the water, managed to scramble up the rocks on the other side, but was then stuck with no way to get back. His mate – wearing a lifejacket but gumboats! – raced back to the beach and gave the alarm. The stranded man wore no lifejacket.

The police helicopter swept over the coast but the IRB was successful in retrieving the lucky fisherman and bringing him back to shore. Handshakes all around and well done to the Piha lifeguard team.

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