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Auckland Council Long-Term Plan 2012-2022 and how it affects Piha

Posted by SCe Comments Off on Auckland Council Long-Term Plan 2012-2022 and how it affects Piha

The Auckland Council’s Long Term Plan is out for consultation until 23 March. See it here


Of big interest to Piha locals is how the new rates system will affect local ratepayers. 

This is complicated by a number of factors:

  • The shift to capital value, required by the Government, which is generally favourable to properties with low levels of development
  • A general across the region rates increase of 3.6% for 2012/13
  • A proposed rural differential of 90% which Piha would get
  • A general reduction in property values at Piha in the latest property valuation
  • The new rates system applies a single rates methodology across the region. 

These factors, especially the last, have seen big shifts in rates in the various legacy city council areas. Many of the high-value inner-city areas face big rates rises, whereas in places like Piha, most property owners may gain reductions. 

Ratepayers in the former Waitakere City Council area were generally highly rated for the value of their properties, which tend to be quite low. Therefore, they have come out winners when the rates are struck across the whole region. 

Here are some Piha examples. 

  • A property with a Capital Value in 2008 of $1,175,000 paid 2011/2012 rates of $3.844. With the 2011 CV now $1,050.000, the rates would be $3,259, a 15.4% reduction. 
  • A property with a $650,000 CV in 2008 paid $2,379 rates in 2011/2012. With the 2011 CV $590,000, rates would be $1994, a 16.2% reduction. 
  • A property with a $410,000 CV in 2008, paid $2,225 rates in 2011/12. With the 2011 CV at $370,000, the rates would be $1,389, a 37.6% reduction.

Because some parts of the region face frightening rates increases, the Council is proposing to transition the rates changes over three years, to ease the burden on affected ratepayers. 

This means that increases in rates in any of the next three years, would be capped at 10%. To pay for this transition, areas receiving decreases would be capped at 5.6% reduction for the first year, and 3.8% and 3.7% reduction for the next two years. At the end of three years, they would receive the full reduction. 

Others areas of interest to Piha are that the proposed Uniform Annual General Charge is $350, and that the special septic tank pump out rate of $203 pa remains. 

To find an estimate of the rates you might pay, can also put in your address and get a calculation of the rates you will pay. The link is below:


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