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Local board determines dog rules

Posted by SCe Comments Off on Local board determines dog rules

north piha dogsThe Waitakere Ranges Local Board recently heard many written and oral submissions on its proposed changes to the dog rules for its board area, including Piha and North Piha.

At Piha, the Board had heard much feedback from residents and from parks rangers that people found the rules too complex, and they were not well understood. The Board has aimed to simplify the rules greatly.

It made the following decisions:

Dogs prohibited at all times on Piha beach. Previously dogs were prohibited in summer but not winter. This rule helps protect the area south of Pakiti Rock (including The Gap) and Lion Rock that are prohibited under regional park rules. Under the current rules, it is easy for dog to access the rocky shelves that are favourite haunts of wildlife, especially penguins.

Dogs are on a leash on beachfront parks, road and parking areas at Piha and North Piha (Auckland Transport rules)

The Domain and lagoon are off leash. This enables people to take their dogs from Piha to North Piha off leash area either through the Domain or straight off the end of Marine Parade. It also enables owners to exercise dogs on the grassed area during winter, a request made by some older dog owners.

From the first accessway by Little Lion Rock corner northwards to Monkey Rock is off leash including within the flags. The United North Piha surf club was consulted about this. This enables dogs and their owners to swim on the beach, which was a particular request of some submitters.

North of Monkey Rock is regional park which is on leash and then prohibited at the northern end to protect birds including grey-faced petrels at Te Waha point.

Read the whole report here

Draft Waitakere Ranges decision report – final draft

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