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Legends of the West

Posted by SCe Comments Off on Legends of the West

These images are from a great project ” Legends of the West ” Public Art Project. The idea was to tell the stories of the West, originally to prevent graffiti alongside Henderson Railway Station ” but now to adorn the walls of community centres in Waitakere.

 Originally eight artists and illustrators were appointed by Waitakere City to come up with illustrated legendary stories from the West. Later another five were added to arrive at 13.

The legends are printed on a tough, washable plastic sheet material and have been installed in selected community centres.

The artists shown here are

Whatipu Cave Dances, Dylan Horrocks ” Whatipu

Karekare Beach Rances, Dylan Horrocks ” Karekare

Karekare Sea rescue, Barry Linton – Karekare

Erangi’s Story, Barry Linton ” Te Henga




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