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Hillary Trail event declined

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Media Release from Auckland Council

Kauri, McKenzie Track, Piha

Auckland Council has declined an application by Lactic Turkey Events Ltd to hold a running event on the Hillary Trail in 2013.

Council officers have been working with Shaun Collins of Lactic Turkey Events over the last few months to assess the application and the impact an event of this nature might have on kauri health in the Waitakere Ranges Regional Park.

Richard Hollier, Auckland Council’s acting Manager of Regional and Specialist Parks, says the current kauri protection programme in the Waitakere Ranges is the key influencing factor for this decision.

We have concluded that, while precautionary measures like shoe cleaning and phytosanitary mats would reduce the risk of spreading kauri dieback, council should not be promoting organised events and activities in areas infected with the disease at this time.

This decision is very much about kauri protection and sending a strong message to park users that we are taking kauri health seriously, he says.

Mr Collins says that although he is disappointed the race won’t go ahead next year, he accepts council’s decision.

I look forward to the outcome of monitoring of the kauri protection zones and perhaps working on a similar application in the future, he says.

Kauri protection zones in the Waitakere Ranges have been introduced on a 12 month trial basis and will be closely monitored for effectiveness. Following the findings of this monitoring programme, it will be determined whether or not an application for this event could be reconsidered in 2013 (for 2014).

Council also acknowledges that the declining of this application is not a reflection on the standard of Mr Collins’ proposal or his good reputation as an event organiser.

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