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Flooding in Piha

Posted by SCe Comments Off on Flooding in Piha

A torrent of rain over a very short period caused sudden flooding of the Piha Stream today (3 February 2018). The rain poured out of the hills causing a flood of brown silted water to run down the Marawhara and Wekatahi at North Piha and the Piha Stream. At Piha the Piha Mill Camp and other properties were flooded, cars damaged and household items swept away. The Piha Mill Camp and Piha Beachstay were evacuated by the fire service with help from the surf club and park rangers.

The stream poured into the old Ministry of Education land and into the West Coast Gallery. Fortunately, the gallery folk saw it coming and were able to move items and displays onto higher levels. A bee-hive and other items were swept down the stream and out to sea. A huge brown stain discoloured surf at Piha and North Piha and could be seen further up the Coast at Anawhata.

The flooding occured in late afternoon and by 5.45 pm was rapidly subsiding, leaving quite a big clean-up for a number of property owners.

Flooding has occured in this area many times over the years, but it is a number of years since an occurrence like today has occured.

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