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Fireworks at Piha – where are we going?

Posted by SCe Comments Off on Fireworks at Piha – where are we going?

More fireworks last night (Sunday 30 January), this time in front of the surf club on Piha beach.

Having walked around Piha in late December talking to property owners about fireworks, this is disappointing. All people we talked to supported no fireworks at Piha, and it is against bylaws to let off fireworks on parks, beaches and public places.

These events seem to be often coming from rented out houses. One house in front of us let off fireworks nightlyon the street/beach  for a week or so, always after midnight and often as late as 7 am in the morning. Another neighbour who called police, had them decline to attend. So how do we enforce the ban if we lack support from those charged with doing so? Though I have heard about locals tackling people letting off fireworks, that would could be a risky thing to do.

One thing that can be done, locals letting out houses can make sure tenants are aware that fireworks are not permitted and they are also in a position to say none on their property.

Young people driving out to specifically light fireworks are harder to deal with but over time we may well succeed in stopping this, though police suppport would help with that.

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