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Fire at Karekare

Posted by SCe Comments Off on Fire at Karekare

SCCZEN_020114SPLFIRE5_620x310A fire blocked both roads into Karekare today. Located on a cliff face just above the Pohutukawa Glade on Lone Kauri Road, the fire proved a challenge because of the precipitous terrain.

The alarm for the fire went about 1.30 pm, and local volunteer fire crews from Karekare, Piha and others nearby attended – a total of seven – as well as two helicopters with monsoon buckets.

The fire extended over 20 hectares of regional parkland, but by nightfall was reduced to 1 hectare in size. At this stage the Fire Service said the fire was contained, but at 8 pm the siren for the Piha service went again, indicating another flare up.

The cause of the fire is not yet known.

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