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Cultural Heritage Inventory entries for Piha

Posted by SCe Comments Off on Cultural Heritage Inventory entries for Piha

The Cultural heritage Inventory or CHI is a database of known historic and archaeological sites throughout the Auckland Region. It was developed under the Auckland Regional Council and is now managed by the Auckland Council.

Items on the CHI are not necessarily protected, that would occur if they are included in schedules on District Plans or if they were protected by the Historic Places Trust. However, it is a much larger and more comprehensive database than anything else that exists.

The CHI is a living database so it is being continually updated. Sometimes, information is yet to be verified and could be corrected at a later date.

For the Piha area, the CHI contains historic buildings and sites of former buildings, historic trees and areas, sites and remnants of kauri timber milling and other industries, and cultural heritage sites occupied by Maori.

Here is the CHI for the Piha area as at 2008.

piha CHI

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