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Celebrate Guy Fawkes Day at Waitakere and save Piha

Posted by SCe Comments Off on Celebrate Guy Fawkes Day at Waitakere and save Piha


Celebrate Guy Fawkes Day in Waitakere at the Trusts Stadium. For more details go here http://www.waitakerefireworks.org.nz/index.html

Many recent fires at Piha have been caused by fireworks, especially modern rockets and flares that can sail high into tinder dry bush, even from apparently safe places like the beach. Please don’t do it, and don’t let your kids do it. When forest burns it takes decades to come back, and it may never do so, as burned areas commonly get invaded by weeds like pampas.

Did you know fireworks are banned at all public places in Piha?

The former Waitakere City Council banned fireworks in all places under its jurisdiction including beachfront, reserves, roads and so on.

Auckland Regional Council had already banned fireworks in all its parks which includes Lion Rock and Tasman Lookout both of which have had fires from fireworks in recent years.

If you are found letting off fireworks at Piha, you can face significant fines, so DON’T DO IT.

We will all have a much more peaceful night if you go into the big display in Henderson and our volunteer fire brigades won’t be called out in the dead of night to risk life and limb saving houses or native forest.

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