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Campground fire causes damage

Posted by SCe Comments Off on Campground fire causes damage
Fire crew douse campground fire, 31 May 14

Fire crew douse campground fire, 31 May 14

Just after 9 pm last night the fire siren went twice. Usually heralding a car crash on the Piha Road, this time the cause was much closer to home.

With the power off in the Domain for the rebuild of the toilets, one caravan owner had brought in a generator. Apparently it caught fire and it was only just over a metre away from a parked car. Next the car caught fire and burned fiercely for about 15 minutes until put out by the Piha fire crew. The crew had to prevent the fire spreading to nearby caravans and access to water was a problem, water having to be drawn from the creek.

The Karekare fire truck came over but by that time the fire was under control.

Also noted this morning (1 June) bright blue graffiti on the cliff face at the extreme southern end of the beach, near Pakiti Rock.




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