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Big wet moves the Marawhara

Posted by SCe Comments Off on Big wet moves the Marawhara

Big rain last night – 18 mm since midnight – has pushed the Marawhara close to the Wekatahi. The two streams were mechanically separated only a few months ago after they had joined up and pushed the streams south, eating into sand-dunes and getting close to Marine Parade North.

The question is: will the two streams join again and nullify Auckland Council’s attempt to keep them separate?

Historically the two streams have frequently changed course – sometimes they have been joined, sometimes separate. The same happens at Karekare where a lake forms behind the dunes and the water level rises. A combination of flood events, high tides and sand movement combine to make these coastal streams very dynamic systems.

The fact is that large amounts of water come down the Marawhara after heavy rain and naturally pushes south. When it reaches the Wekatahi, whose flow is less, it gives way to the superior southwards push andalso  moves towards the south.

Can this be stopped without bulldozers on the beach at regular intervals? This is one of the subjects to be discussed at the Open Day at Piha Surf Club 1-3 pm on Saturday 25 August. 


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