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Big surf, big boats, big thrills – Day of the Giants

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Porthtowan crew representing Great Britain nearly upset the applecart in the final: (from left) Gary Walters, Nick Healey, Mladen Macanovic, Ed Hartgill, George Hartgill

The Porthtowan surf boat team from North Cornwall, representing Great Britain, nearly upset expectations in the Open Men’s Surf Boat final in the Day of Giants contest for big boats on Saturday 12 February. The team had a nearly flawless run through heats and semis to reach the final. Leading the field in the final, on the run back to the beach after rounding the buoy, the English boys canned out and lost the lead. Marooned in the white water, other crews swept past and the Open Men’s race was won by Omanu of Bay of Plenty with Queensland’s Tannum Sands second and Piha Boomers third. The Omanu crew was James Berthelsen, Aaron Irwin, Hamish Reid and Leigh Sefton. 

The results left Piha A Crew second overall for this season’s New Zealand Surf boat series after Titahi Bay. 

Piha Pirates national winners Under-23s: Jed Wright, Adam Foster, Nick McKenzie, Logan Flutey, Bugsey O'Halloran, Shamus O'Halloran

Piha Pirates came in fifth in the Under-23s behind two Tannum Sands teams and their own Piha Chargers (Under 19s who came third). This means Piha Pirates came in first overall  in the Under-23 New Zealand series. A highly successful year for Bugsey and the crew. 

The Open Women’s was won by Mairangi Bay. 

Biggest disaster of the day was the Bethells Beach boat canning out, drifting towards the Lion and finally ending up on the rocks. The prow suffered a serious injury as it must have struck the rocks head on and there were also cracks in the body of the boat. 

If you want to find out more about the Porthtowan boaties you can go to their website www.porthtowansurfboat.com 

Tannum Sands crew from Queensland, representing Australia, raced in my father's boat

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