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Beach closed for tsunami

Posted by SCe Comments Off on Beach closed for tsunami

Lifeguards closed Piha beach at 10.30 am today Saturday 12 March after a warning about tsunamis following the earthquake off the coast of Honshu Japan. Orions have been flying the coast presumably looking for unusual marine activity.

The New Zealand Tsunami Expert Panel assessment is that there is a marine threat  for Auckland, which means strong and unusual currents are likely in sea, river mouths and estaury and unusual wave activity is possible at beaches.

Boaties have been warned and the Waiheke Fun Run has been postponed for 24 hours as the run goes on the coastline. Police are displaying “Tidal Surges warning” and “Stay off beaches” hazard signs. Radios are warning people to stay away from beaches.

Here is the advice

1. Stay off beaches

2. Stay out of the water

3. Do not go sightseeing

4. Share information with family, neighbours and friends

5 Listen to radio and TV updates

6. Follow instructions of your local Civil Defence Authority

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