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Auckland Council responds about dune works

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Digger on the dunes 21 June

Dear Stakeholders, 

Due to the number of emails received on this project a single response has been generated to address questions raised with the Marine Parade South dune and walkway maintenance.  The below is for your information only and no response is required, however if you have questions please feel free to contact me on 09 301 0101 or email at tracey.hodder@aucklandcouncil.govt.nz.


This is an update on the walkway maintenance works that have occurred along the dunes at South Piha.  Auckland Council Parks worked with Auckland Transport and Coast Care to develop a plan for undertaking maintenance works along the dunes at South Piha.

This work was required to remove sand from behind the existing retaining walls along Marine Parade South and to reinstating pedestrian walkways on the sea side of the retaining wall down to the beach.  This work also involved lowering the dunes to reduce the volume of wind blown sand, re-establish previously walkways and to reduce the frequency of maintenance.  This work will include replanting of the reworked dune area.

A meeting was held with Auckland Council, Auckland Transport and Coast Care on 7 June 2011 to discuss the proposed plans which were agreed on by all parties.  Auckland Council planned to inform local stakeholders of the works and display the plans at a number of public locations prior to works commencing.  However, the consultant working for Auckland Transport was unaware that further consultation was being undertaken and dune clearance works commenced sooner than anticipated.  The work undertaken was done in accordance with the plans.  No fencing or planting work has occurred at this time, but it is important that this occurs soon to minimise ongoing wind transportation of sand.

Communication Plan Re: Dune Works

Auckland Council intends to proceed with the original communication plan and inform local stakeholders of the reinstatement of the pedestrian walkways across the dunes and planting in the area where dune reshaping has already taken place.  The communication will also include the northern area of Marine Parade South (outside the surf club) where the same works are proposed (Please note that to date no dune works have occurred in the northern area of Marine Parade South).

Plans of the works will be displayed at the library, post office and surf club and this information will also be sent to key affected stakeholders on Wednesday 30 June 2011:

Subject to feedback and weather conditions it is anticipated to commence walkway maintenance works the week of 4 July 2011.

Questions raised by the public in response to the dune works at Marine Parade South

Since the works have occurred along Marine Parade South a number of questions have been raised by concerned residents.  Please find a list of the questions and answers below.

Are the dunes a legal road?

The dunes are located on esplanade reserve.

Who ordered this work?

The work was a joint project between Auckland Transport and Auckland Council Parks West working with the local community and Coast Care group.

Who initiated the dune/sand clearance works to go ahead?

A joint meeting was held on site to identify what works were required and obtain agreement between Auckland Transport, Auckland Council Parks West, Paul Klinac, Coastal Engineer Environmental Services, Chris Ferkins, Natural Heritage Advisor North/West and Coast Care.  At this meeting there was agreement on plans for the proposed work.  Auckland Transport approved work to commence unknowing that further communication was being undertaken by Auckland Council.

Are they Council plans?

The plans have been developed by Auckland Council Parks West in collaboration with Auckland Transport, Auckland Council specialists and Coast Care.

 Have Council ecologists and others had input? Has biosecurity given advice? 

Coast Care, Paul Klinac, Coastal Engineer Environmental Services and Chris Ferkins, Natural Heritage Advisor of the Natural Environment Management North/West Team were involved in the development of the plans.

Have the plans been assessed against the Piha Design Guidelines?

The plans have been considered against the principles of the Piha Design Guidelines.  The lowering of the dunes will reduce maintenance requirements and the fencing of the walkways has been developed to reduce damage to the dune environment and provide public access to the beach.  Unsuitable plants have been removed from the dunes during this works and more suitable local plants will be planted in reworked areas to ensure stability.

How have the results of the Waitakere City Council Piha Dune Consultation been built into the plans? 

The Waitakere City Council Piha Dune Consultation report has not been completed and is currently in draft format.

Were resource consents necessary?

No consents were required for the work associated with the plans.  The walkway maintenance works were carried out on the sand dunes above the Mean High Water Spring Mark and under the Operative District Plan the work is a Permitted Activity.

Does the work extended into Regional Park or Coastal Marine Area?

The work was outside of the Regional Park area and extended close to the boundary of the Coastal Marine Area where sand was relocated.  Sand was deposited higher than the mean high water spring and no works was undertaken in the Coastal Marine Area.

Communication and Consultation

In response to a letter from Piha Ratepayers and Residents’ Association dated 23 June 2011 the following outlines communication processes.  Auckland Council and Auckland Transport have a standard operating practice for stakeholder communication.  This practice consists of two levels of communication for different types of works/projects.

Stakeholders will be updated for their information only for the following:

    • Works needed due the health & safety
    • Large one off maintenance jobs (i.e. removing dead trees, clearing an overgrown walkway)
    • Placement of minor new assets on a park (i.e. bench, path)
    • Renewal of a minor asset when replacing like for like
    • Plans agreed through community partnership projects

Stakeholders will be consulted on the following:

  • Removal of an asset(s) from a park
  • Park refurbishment projects
  • Proposals to place major new asset(s) on a park (i.e. playground, toilet block)

The majority of works carried out by Auckland Transport are maintenance works within road reserve and will require works to be communicated to stakeholders for their information only.  A full copy of the standard operating practice for stakeholder communication is available on request.

Other comments

After discussion with Auckland Transport it was agreed that they will sweep and pick up the sand from the Piha car park area.  This sand will be removed and taken away by truck to a dumpsite and not be placed on the beach.  For information the cost of this removal is approximately $3,000 per month.  If further work is required by Auckland Transport, this will be carried out at the request of the Parks Division.

Kind regards,

Tracey Hodder | Parks Advisor – Development

Local and Sports Parks West

Ph 09 301 0101 | Extn (42) 8969 | Mobile 021 340 599 |

Auckland Council, Level 1, Service Centre West

6 Henderson Valley Road, Henderson

Visit our website: www.aucklandcouncil..govt.nz

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