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Armani commercial provokes mixed views on Coast

Posted by SCe Comments Off on Armani commercial provokes mixed views on Coast

ca9185a4fd66829375acfe4f3fffcdff3fad38ea_620x310In Monday’s Herald was a bit of a story about US model Emily DiDonato who tweeted about her experience on the West Coast filming for a marketing campaign for, it is rumoured, Giorgio Armani. The crew filmed at Karekare, The Gap and Kitekite Falls. At Piha’s The Gap, the filming crew got drenched by a large rogue wave. They are lucky to be still here to tell the tale.


At Karekare locals were annoyed the same crew cut up the beach with numerous vehicle trips onto the beach. “Kiwi’s are crazy!,” tweeted DiDonato. “Driving through the river to location like it’s no big deal.”


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