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Piha’s built heritage

The debate around the Piha Bowling Club building has highlighted the age of the older buildings around Piha. It seemed timely to draw up a list of Piha’s built heritage and the age of these items. No buildings at Piha are contained on the Schedules of Auckland Council. There has been no built heritage survey  [ Read More ]

Piha footpaths hit the headlines

Western Leader 3 November 2011

Parks and transport consultation at Bowler

People turned up for the consultation of Local and Sports Parks, Regional Parks and Transport at the Piha Bowling Club on Saturday 1 October. It was a good turn-out, several email lists having sent reminders – though there were few new faces and only a small number were bach owners. Local Parks was consulting on  [ Read More ]

Landscape at Piha

Piha is a small village with two surf beaches surrounded by the Waitakere Regional Parkland. Many properties contain significant native bush, often backing onto the forest of the parkland. All the surrounding landscape is given the status of Outstanding Natural Landscape under the Regional Policy Statement, but the built village area is not. Unfortunately, this  [ Read More ]

Keeping Piha looking natural

Piha Area Design Guidelines have been endorsed by the Piha Ratepayers and Residents Committee and adopted by the Auckland Regional Council. The guidelines will determine how regional parks at Piha are developed. The guidelines cover such things as the materials, colour, location and style of infrastructure (such as tracks, picnic tables, parking areas and toilets)  [ Read More ]