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Piha’s built heritage

Posted by SCe Comments Off on Piha’s built heritage
Railway clerk's house, Beach Valley Road

Railway clerk’s house, Beach Valley Road

The debate around the Piha Bowling Club building has highlighted the age of the older buildings around Piha. It seemed timely to draw up a list of Piha’s built heritage and the age of these items.

No buildings at Piha are contained on the Schedules of Auckland Council. There has been no built heritage survey of Piha, and presumably no buildings have been nominated for inclusion on the schedules. The three plaques on Lion Rock were recently listed.

I have included in the list below, intact built items as well as modified items and remnants.

So here’s my list, feel free to let me know of other older buildings at s_coney@xtra.co.nz

Part of Ocean View House, now incorporated into the house on the eastern cnr Piha and Te Ahuahu Roads, about 1906

Baches built in early subdivision by Ussher family, top of Piha hill and Te Ahuahu Road,

from 1906 and 1916 subdivisions

Dr Rayner’s house, Seaview Road, about 1910

Black Rock Dam remains, about 1911

Former Mill cottages, various locations, about 1911

Railway Clerk’s House, Beach Valley Road, 1914

Trestle, North Piha, 1916

Former Cullen’s bach, Marine Parade, about 1918

Lion Rock WW1 Plaque, 1919

Former Piha Hotel, Seaview Road, built from remains of Piha Mill, about 1921

Many baches built following subdivision, 1926-1950s

First Piha SLSC clubhouse, Marine Parade, 1935, moved to current location 1951

Little St Anne’s, Garden Road, 1937

Piha Radar Station remains, Log Race Road, 1943

Cookhouse, Piha Campground, formerly Radio House of Piha Radar Station, moved from Log Race Road, built 1943

Piha Store, Seaview Road, 1945

Piha RSA building, formerly Crichtons’ bach, Beach Valley Road, early 1940s

North Piha Campers Club utility buildings, circa 1946

Lion Rock WW2 Plaque, 1950

United North Piha  Clubhouse, North Piha Road, 1951

Barnett Hall, ?

Former Piha School, Seaview Road, formerly Taurangaruru School, located at Piha about 1960, but much older building

Piha Bowling Club  clubhouse, 1963

Piha Mill Camp, kitchen and dining room, bunkhouse, built by Church of the Nazarene, about mid-1960s

Lion Rock “Handing over” plaque, mid-1960s

Tennis Club pavilion, ?

Piha Post Office, formerly Post and Telegraph telephone exchange, now located inPiha Campground, Seaview Road, originally built about 1967, moved across road, 2009

Piha SLSC, current clubhouse, 1997

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