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Will Piha get Rugby World Cup freedom campers?

Posted by SCe Comments Off on Will Piha get Rugby World Cup freedom campers?

Freedom camper in North Piha picnic area

Sure, we’re a long way out, but there are obvious attractions and the specially designated RWC campervan parks in town are going to charge up to $80 a night.

You might have noticed an increase over the summer in campervans and tenters staying where they shouldn’t at Piha. What goes with “freedom camping” is toileting in the bush or dunes. It’s really cheap at Piha to stay in the Auckland Council campground or one of the two places self-contained campervans can legally stay overnight (after booking) – end of Glen Esk Road or Log Race Road. There’s also Auckland Council campgrounds at Anawhata and Karekare.

But some people just don’t want to pay a razoo, and take pleasure in breaking the laws. And increasingly the cheaper campervans are not self-c0ntained, but rely on campers using public toilets or the great outdoors.

New legislation means freedom campers can be fined, but you’ve got to catch them first. It’s already against the bylaws for parks, but the “freedom” part seems to promote breaking the rules that are there to make sure everyone can enjoy our parks and beaches.

See the Western Leader article on freedom camping


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