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West Coast Gallery Group Showings and Open Homes

Posted by SCe Comments Off on West Coast Gallery Group Showings and Open Homes
**First off, West Artist’s Open Studio is on the weekend of 24th and 25th March.
Graham Valentine (indoor-outdoor art and mixed media) and Stefanie Kroeger (painting) are opening their home studios to the public, and the West Coast Gallery has a cluster group of artists around the Gallery grounds where you can see the following talented people in action:
Saturday 24th 10 – 4pm:
Beck Wheeler (art toys, painting and mixed media)
Irina Velman (demonstrates body art and facepainting for koha)
Ted Scott (photography)
Lyn Kriegler (terracotta pot painting)
Kimberly Roman (jewellery maker)
Sunday 25th March 10-4pm:
Paddy Bourke (ceramic artist)
Heather Bell (ceramic artist)
Kimberly Roman (jewellery maker)
Lyn Kriegler (terracotta pot painting)
Ted Scott (photographer)
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