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Waitakere Feral Pig Control

Posted by SCe Comments Off on Waitakere Feral Pig Control

Recent data from feral pig control in the Waitakere Ranges shows that the Auckland Regional Council is suppressing pig numbers, however, four culls a year are needed to significantly reduce the population of feral pigs in the Waitakeres.

Ironically, as pig numbers are reduced through culling, remaining pigs have bigger litters and better health because there is less competition for food. Pigs breed a minimum of twice per year, with typical litters of  6-12, so they are capable of very rapid population recovery.

The ARC is proposing four culls per year in the future, each of four weeks duration, each cull comprising 480 hunter hours.

Previously, some residents surrounding the parkland had been complaining of visible pig rooting on their properties and adjoining parkland. Complaints have declined with the current culling regime.

Feral pigs in the Ranges may also be associated with the spread of kauri PTA.

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